Project Analysis & Consulting

Taking an idea from the conceptual to the physical realm can sometimes be an overwhelming chore. If you simply need help designing an application, database, or a Request for Proposal, STPL can help map the project out for you.

Having a broad perspective in understanding different aspects of applications and web design, allows us to help you narrow your focus when it comes to website, application, or database design.

Plan then develop Developing a full set of specifications prior to development will allow for a fuller understanding of the application and subsequently identify problems or opportunities which may otherwise have been overlooked. Often for mid-sized and large projects, spending time fully specifying the requirements and functionality of the application will save on project costs.

Deliverables At the end of the process, we will hand over a complete design packet that will include all aspects of the design from start to finish. It is yours to keep if you wish to take the project out to bid. No matter what the type or complexity of the project, we can deliver all the plans necessary to help ensure that the project gets implemented successfully.